Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Day Everyone !

Hello Everyone ! ! !
My screenname is Puri cute but my real name is Xerly.
Yes it's Xerly.
It was just my nickname.
My real name[this is not a joke again -3-] is Noir Haruta.
I'm a half-japanese girl and a half-filipino.
It's quite weird right?But,i'm just a normal girl who want to achieved it's dreams.
It's the end of my weird and boring introducing.This blog supposed to be a resource site or somethin'
I might post some cute pictures that I found on different website.
I am making graphics and tutorials about it but I am not so-really proffesional or awesome making it.
Just an average.HEHE
Thank you for reading my boring-blog.~
See you in the other day/s.



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